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the view from here is nice

18 Apr

Just here to show you some happy scenes from our house this weekend.

I’m going to try to post again today to show you my Easter tree… so go find some tree branches and get your glue gun hot and ready!  :)

This caterpillar was with us all week!

Made these streusel-topped muffins… and the ranunculus!!  I LOVE them.

*(If you try that recipe, I highly recommend reading some of the suggestions in the reviews.  I added cinnamon and vanilla to the batter and also tweaked the streusel a little bit with flour and some cinnamon and white sugar.  They were delicious!)*

Do I even need a caption?  The long-awaited birthday present has arrived…. my floors!  :)


Can you spot our new tree?  It’s an Autumn Blaze Maple and it’s supposed to grow 3-5 feet a year and the foliage turns fire-red in the fall.  We planted it in honor of Levi‘s 2nd Birthday. (Thanks Mom & Ro!)

Yes, the view from here is nice.  Lily thinks so too.


Home-made Granola Bars = A Good Idea

23 Nov


Yuup.  These are yummmmm.  Recipe from Barefoot Contessa’s Back to Basics, and if you have children you better double the recipe!

I’m alive and busy

8 Nov

Bullets are a must on this post.

  • Too much going on
  • No time to eloquently word anything
  • Here we go!
  • Three (adorable) Ninjas

  • Ina Garten’s basic chicken stock recipe
  • Because soup season is upon us!

  • My littlest has graduated car seats… holy smokes!

  • More drywall patching!

  • Advent Calendar making

  • Closet cleaning… before shot:

  • ya, it’s a weird closet
  • and yes, that’s a ninja sword shooting across the picture
  • Closet after cleaning it all day long:

  • I put a microwave cart in there to help organize
  • worked like a charm


  • How do you like that over the door gift-wrap station?
  • I love it, but Martha might think it’s a bit ghetto.
  • Finally some coats hooks!

  • Now we just need a bench to sit on to take off our muddy boots!
  • hmmm… now scheming to get the hubby to make one…
  • I found these old photos of my dad and his parents (Mamoo & Dadoo) in my closet purge

  • I heart old family photos

  • Seriously, how cute is my dad?!
  • The back says, “Happy Mother’s Day!”
  • I would die if my husband staged this as a mother’s day gift!  So funny!
  • And I re-arranged my living room the moment I posted those pictures of it.

  • So, this table got moved to this corner to store and hide my internet cable and router.  Can you spy them?
  • That might sum it up.
  • OH!  The bathroom!
  • We found a secret room
  • And it is a nasty mess
  • We didn’t plan on a remodel until next summer,
  • Now we’re in a wee little predicament
  • Floor painting might be in my future (which I am pumped about)
  • Will post a separate post on that later!
  • Bullets are about to kill me
  • Hope you have a fabulous week!

pumpkin and cream cheese whoopie pies??

5 Oct

Heck. Yes.

I need to make these.  My muffin top will thank me.

Go get the recipe here. (Photo from the same place!)

You’re Welcome!

What I’ve been up to…

20 Aug

Yup.  I went on an epic family vacation.  This shot is from the gorgeous beach of Port Aransas, Texas.

I’ll be back on Monday with my usual shenanigans.

I’ll leave you with this food shot from the rehearsal dinner we attended while in Texas.  You know, to really rub it in!

(seriously – mouth is watering – so good – want margarita despite being 7:15 in the morning – it’s Friday! – dinner plan resolved – must pick up margarita materials)

Have a fabulous weekend!!


A Shower of Rhubarb!

2 Jun

Here are the tasty treats we served at a recent baby shower for a little baby girl.

Mini Strawberry Rhubarb Galettes

Rhubarb Galettes

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

The Rhubarb added a nice pop of color to the food and made it quite spring appropriate if you ask me!  And yes, it’s still feeling very spring-ish here rather than summer-ish due to the many 50 degree rainy days we’ve been having.

Got the galette recipe from here and the crumble one here only we added strawberries to both dishes.  The idea for the individual galettes came from here, which is a pretty sweet blog too!  Makes me wanna go explore New England!

Still brewing on the previously mentioned blog re-design… just involved my designer brother today, so brace yourself for awesomeness, people!!


7 Dec

Here are some cookies I made at our recent Christmas Ladies Fellowship party.  I’m a cookie-decorating rookie, but I enjoyed it! 

I made one with everyone’s initial on it (J, M, S), but they got consumed before I was able to take this photo.  Cheers!