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7 months later…

2 Jul

I decided I should post at least twice a year.  :)  The truth is I love blogs.  And I love keeping one.  But when it comes to setting aside time to post, I’m just not that motivated.  I’m hoping to play catch-up with a couple of posts over then next few days.  Let’s start with a family update!

This year we got the wood stove up and running.  And then practically hugged it everyday until May.

We learned to ice skate.  And by “we” I mean the kids, NOT me.

We played in lots of snow.

The boys used their life savings to buy a guinea pig, and his name is Reepicheep.

We celebrated Easter.

And this picture just cracks me up!

Micah took his training wheels off his bike, and is a riding fool now.

Jed and Micah finished up Kindergarten and Pre-school.  Here’s Micah and Larson on Grandparent’s day.

And here’s Jed’s Kinder graduation…

So proud of those boys!!

Meanwhile, me and the hubs celebrated our 8 year anniversary!  Larson surprised me with the most beautiful (and tastey) picnic date you’ve ever seen.

Sometimes we picnic in our front yard, and on one special day, a squirrel stole Seth’s sandwich.  He took it to the squirrel chair on our tree, and I couldn’t help but die laughing!!

We took a weekend trip to Seattle to visit with Larson’s Dad.  Beautiful!!

And, my oldest baby turned SEVEN!  Oh my.  I don’t seem to have any party pictures on my computer yet, so I’ll upload those later.  It was AWESOME!  A Nerf Gun battle with a bunch of Kindergarten boys can’t be beat.  Here’s the b-day boy with his requested breakfast of cherry and cheese danish and orange cinnamon rolls.

That’s all for now folks.  Be back soon with a house update!  And that should make for a fun post!  And my adventures in craftiness too!  Waay too many project there.  But still a fun post!


Yarn-Wrapped Easter Tree…

18 Apr

Well if I hadn’t waited until 9 pm to photograph my final pictures they might have looked better.  But alas, I said I would post today and I meant it.  :)

Here is how to make a yarn-wrapped, tree branch, glitter rock, Easter tree to add a little cheer to your home as you celebrate our risen Lord.  Nothing quite says, “Jesus is risen!” like a branch smothered in hot glue and then wrapped with yarn.  So get on it!

Hot glue your wrapped branches into place… figure out how you want them before you glue and insert.  :)

Boom.  Almost done.  See those rocks on the left?  I spray painted them with glitter spray.  You can jazz them up however you want, or use those pretty pebbles you can buy at the craft store.  Whatever works to cover the green floral foam.

(ya, bad pictures… real bad.  Sorry!)  Glittered rocks – check.  Easter ornaments – check.

If this style  isn’t what your after, check out my Easter tree of yore.  That one was just as fun and easy, but I don’t really have the perfect spot for it anymore. This new one fits great as our table centerpiece.

How are you all celebrating Easter?  Anyone else getting their craft on?

New Years’ Resolutions

11 Jan

At the beginning of each new year I usually come up with a resolution or two that I don’t believe I have ever kept.  I was tempted to not even bother this year, but then I realized I have  A LOT of room for improvement and so I made a ginormous list of resolutions instead.  Horrible idea? or the best idea… only time will tell!

I thought I would share a few and maybe it’ll help me feel the pressure to actually accomplish it!

I broke down my massive list by resolutions, books to read, and things to do before I turn 27 (in September).

Resolutions – Be a prayer warrior, remember my family’s birthdays and actually call them on the day (harder than it sounds people – this was mine last year!), and Christmas shop in the summer.

Books to read (or re-read!) this yearThe Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, Future Men, Chronicles of Narnia (all of them!), Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl (really great book I plan to read a million times over!), King Arthur (with my oldest son), and any Jane Austen novel I feel like.

And now to the more daunting to-do list before I turn 27.  I was inspired by Making it Lovely’s list of 30 things before 30 list, and thought it was actually a great way to look back on your year and feel accomplished… that is, if you accomplish something! ha!  It could certainly turn the other way, but I’m determined not to take these lists too seriously and make sure my family and my life are put before my list.  You know?!

Here it goes (or at least the ones I’m willing to share on the interweb!)

1 – Obviously, lose 20 lbs.  (and seriously, this is the most necessary and hardest goal on my list!)

2 -Paint the wall in LVRM behind the bookcases that I don’t want to move.

3 – Read my book list

4 – Finish this granny square blanket already!

5 – Get new doorknobs

6 – Organize my linens and laundry room (I have already done the linens side of this, now on to the laundry side of the room!)

7 – Actually decorate my office nook shelves and paint them

8 – Get a hair-do

9 – Learn to do make-up (not joking.)

10 – Get glasses (appointment has been made!)

11 – Get all my art framed properly

12 – Teach my dog some agility tricks

13 – Jazz up the master suite with some new bedding/lighting/side tables (Like this minus the poster bed.)

14 – Install wood floors!!!

15 – Redo the bathroom

16 – Grow grass in the backyard

17 – Get or make some dang throw pillows for the couch

18  – Re-finish the dining room table (liking this style – found here.)

19 – Try a fish recipe (maybe Tilapia?)

20 – Get a good family photo

21 – Sew myself a skirt (will do after I lose a few lbs.  you know, to conserve fabric.)

22 – Organize my computer photos and files (they are a big hot mess)

23 – Go on more dressy dates with the hubs of my youth

24 – Be able to do the Tracy Anderson Mat DVD all the way through (I’m just gonna say that is one wicked hard workout!)

25 – Take each of my boys to dinner and a movie.

What about you?  Any perpetual resolutions?  Any new ones?

Happy New Year everyone!

I’m alive and busy

8 Nov

Bullets are a must on this post.

  • Too much going on
  • No time to eloquently word anything
  • Here we go!
  • Three (adorable) Ninjas

  • Ina Garten’s basic chicken stock recipe
  • Because soup season is upon us!

  • My littlest has graduated car seats… holy smokes!

  • More drywall patching!

  • Advent Calendar making

  • Closet cleaning… before shot:

  • ya, it’s a weird closet
  • and yes, that’s a ninja sword shooting across the picture
  • Closet after cleaning it all day long:

  • I put a microwave cart in there to help organize
  • worked like a charm


  • How do you like that over the door gift-wrap station?
  • I love it, but Martha might think it’s a bit ghetto.
  • Finally some coats hooks!

  • Now we just need a bench to sit on to take off our muddy boots!
  • hmmm… now scheming to get the hubby to make one…
  • I found these old photos of my dad and his parents (Mamoo & Dadoo) in my closet purge

  • I heart old family photos

  • Seriously, how cute is my dad?!
  • The back says, “Happy Mother’s Day!”
  • I would die if my husband staged this as a mother’s day gift!  So funny!
  • And I re-arranged my living room the moment I posted those pictures of it.

  • So, this table got moved to this corner to store and hide my internet cable and router.  Can you spy them?
  • That might sum it up.
  • OH!  The bathroom!
  • We found a secret room
  • And it is a nasty mess
  • We didn’t plan on a remodel until next summer,
  • Now we’re in a wee little predicament
  • Floor painting might be in my future (which I am pumped about)
  • Will post a separate post on that later!
  • Bullets are about to kill me
  • Hope you have a fabulous week!


7 Dec

Here are some cookies I made at our recent Christmas Ladies Fellowship party.  I’m a cookie-decorating rookie, but I enjoyed it! 

I made one with everyone’s initial on it (J, M, S), but they got consumed before I was able to take this photo.  Cheers!

some advent cheer!

3 Dec

I have been making up Advent activities the night before and really flying by the seat of my pants!  Last year I was quite organized about it with presents and little crafts all planned out… not this year!  On the 1st we made this little Christmas craft kit my mom had sent a while ago… worked great!


The 2nd we made cookies which I needed to make for a party anyway.  Today we are going to play with our indoor/outdoor tents and tunnels, which has been hidden in the garage for  a couple months now, so should be very exciting!  I stumbled upon this just now and thought I would share for those of you who may be winging it as you go too!  It’s a printable Advent calendar as well as a list of fun activities to do everyday… thank you very much, skip to my lou!  

Happy Advent!

Happy Thanksgiving!

25 Nov

Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving Eve.  Here are a couple shots of what ours looks like over here…


Anywho, I thought I would post a recipe of this corn pudding, or corn spoon bread (whichever name you prefer!) because it is a dish that I added to our Thanksgiving tradition purely because I like it, it’s kinda southern, and my family’s feast never featured this wonderful, and overlooked dish!  So in case you needed one more delicious side, this one is quick and easy!

Corn Spoon Bread 

3 c. whole milk

2 c. fresh corn (or 10 oz. frozen)

3/4 c. cornmeal

2 T. unsalted butter

1 T. fresh thyme leaves

1 1/2 t. salt

1/4 t. pepper

2 large eggs, lightly beaten

In large saucepan, over medium heat, bring 2 cups of milk and the corn to a boil.  In a small bowl, whisk the remaining milk and cornmeal.  Slowly add to the boiling milk.  Reduce heat and simmer for 3 minutes.  Remove from heat and let cool a smidge (so you don’t go and cook the eggs you’re about to add!).  Stir in the butter, thyme, s & p, and beaten eggs.  Transfer to buttered casserole dish.  Bake 30 minutes @ 350ºF.  Make sure the middle is set and tooth pick comes out clean.  Enjoy!