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2012, whaaat?!?!

21 Jan

The title pretty much sums up how I felt when I realized I haven’t posted since August.  Whaaat?!?!  I’m so bad!  Well, I thought I would just pop in to say it was a great year, and I am really happy to say I crossed a lot off my insane resolution list and I am actually happy I did that.  However, I tried to write a new list and fell short.  I guess I just don’t need too much improvement after all my hard work last year! lala!  Totally kidding.

Here’s my list and I’ll try to match some pictures and be suave like that, but no guarantees.

1 – Obviously, lose 20 lbs.

  • Failed.  But not miserably… happily failed.  I baked and ate as much as I pleased and still managed to lose a solid 9 lbs that stayed off even through the holidays!  I didn’t actually think I lost weight either, it wasn’t until I whipped out this list in January that I realized I DID, in fact, weigh less than last January!  Woo-hoo for the anti-diet!

2 -Paint the wall in LVRM behind the bookcases that I don’t want to move.

  • Crap. Did I seriously put that on my list?  Did I seriously go a whole year without painting that wall?  Oh well – I’ll just roll that one over to the 2012 list! :)

3 – Read my book list

  • Double crap.  Apparently I  no longer read.

4 – Finish this granny square blanket already!

  • Hmmm.  This list has a depressing start.  No, it’s not finished…. but I did work on it!  It’s bigger this year than last, and it has all it’s ends woven in.  It sits pretty on my chair in the living room.  Folded.  So no one can see the un-finishedness of it all.  And for kicks, you can see me laying on it as I seamed it together (photo by a small boy) –

5 – Get new doorknobs

  • Blurg.  Didn’t do.

6 – Organize my linens and laundry room

  • Ah ha!  I did it!!  DIIIIDDDDD ITTTTTT!!!!!! Don’t believe me?  Check out this post of yore.

7 – Actually decorate my office nook shelves and paint the shelves.

see it for reals here.

8 – Get a hair-do

Done, and not done.  I need to actually up-keep said hair-do.  But I think I’ll call it my Anna Wintour bob.  You know, the one you might always have because it just feels right….

I don’t take pictures of myself.  You’ll have to deal with Anna and her crossed arms.

9 – Learn to do make-up (not joking.)

  • I made a valiant effort, and I can officially say I am the wearer of lipstick now.  (I wear eye make-up, but still don’t understand foundation/powder or any “fancy” eye shadow techniques!)

10 – Get glasses

  • Done and done.

11 – Get all my art framed properly

  • Not done.  But started.  I think I have 2 more small etchings to be framed.

12 – Teach my dog some agility tricks

  • Oh, ya right.  Of course I did that.  Top priority!  Tip-top!

13 – Jazz up the master suite with some new bedding/lighting/side tables (Like this minus the poster bed.)

  • Kinda in the middle of that still.  I did change my vision for the decor.  Going with Navy, greens and white.  Grey walls, dark brown furniture.  Check out my pinterest board for my bedroom here.  Love this vibe

14 – Install wood floors!!!

  • Oh baby!  I love them!  Lumber Liquidators Praline birch pre-finished engineered wood.  I worried about how they’d hold up because lots of people are snobs about pre-finished, and others are snobs about the engineered, but it’s been a dream!  It’s in the kitchen, and I spill all the time on it – no prolls!  Dogs wildly running and fighting on them? check.  Three insane boys running, shooting, pushing furniture all over it? check.  Still awesome looking?  check!  There is my review in a nutshell.  I can’t remember exactly what we paid per sq. ft. but it was something stupid cheap like $2/sq. ft. What’s not to love?!

15 – Redo the bathroom

  • Done!  We kinda had to do this sooner than planned, and I’m so glad because it’s done and tiled.  Our first time tiling.  We used white octagon and dot tile from Home Depot and charcoal grout.  New vanity, new toilet, new tile = LOVE!

Here’s an install shot for ya:

16 – Grow grass in the backyard

  • There’s always next year!

17 – Get or make some dang throw pillows for the couch

  • Done, but strangely still need new ones.  Mine have made a few too many forts and fought a few too many battles.  :)

18  – Re-finish the dining room table (liking this style – found here.)

  • DID IT!!  However, I don’t love it and am scheming how to be back in fellowship with my table, but the fact remains that I did it.  So There!

19 – Try a fish recipe (maybe Tilapia?)

  • I did eat fish this year.  Surely that counts for something, right?

20 – Get a good family photo

  • You be the judge –

21 – Sew myself a skirt

  • I did!  And I hated it and never wore it.  :)

22 – Organize my computer photos and files

  • Husband did! score!

23 – Go on more dressy dates with the hubs of my youth

  • Well, we did actually go on some dressy dates, but we need to step it up a notch in the fun category – dressy is fun, but fun is funner.

24 – Be able to do the Tracy Anderson Mat DVD all the way through (I’m just gonna say that is one wicked hard workout!)

  • I am the champion!  I so totally did it!!! *cough-once-cough*

25 – Take each of my boys to dinner and a movie.

  • Nope.  Didn’t.  I’m lame.  But don’t worry too much for their souls, their daddy takes one every week on a night date.

Well, there you have it – In addition to these things, my favorite accomplishment  this year has been painting my boys bunk bed orange.  It’s hilarious and awesome.  We spruced up their room, moved Seth to a twin bed, and I finished the first of the three quilts I have planned for them.  I felt crazy painting with such a wild color, but I’ve grown to love it, and they certainly think it’s the shizz.  Maybe that’s for another post though!  Hopefully it won’t take me 5 months!

Check out the things I knit this year over on ravelry – I finished that teal sweater, and made everyone slippers to name a few!

Happy New Year Everyone!!


Too many projects at once

18 Aug

I need to focus and execute.  Ever have that problem?  I’m getting very close to my birthday which means I ought to be focusing on my resolution list of things to do before I’m 27.  Which I kind of am, but kind of not ….

I am sewing this duvet cover:

#13 – Jazz up the Master suite… on its way!

Also sewing this quilt (times 3) for my boy’s room:

#16 Grow grass in the backyard = not going to happen!  So I fixed up my boy’s room instead.  These quilts are a part of that, and a much-needed part I might add!

And I’m still knitting this.  Pattern here.

…Started a new knitted throw inspired by this one:

but wait – I haven’t finished this one and #4 on my list!!

  I started to re-finish my dining room table (which is on my list at #18) and I am really forced to finish that one quickly, seeing as it’s difficult to feed my family around our coffee table.  Really difficult.

So that’s basically what I’ve been up to.  School starts on Monday and now I’m busy with haircuts (mine too!  Hurray for #8 being checked off!), finishing up T-Ball, labeling school supplies and last-minute doctor appointments for shots.  Fun, but crazy.

Here’s my friend’s post that seems applicable.  It’s titled, “A Wind Storm?”  And like all of her posts, it is a must-read!




22 Mar

My post titles are great.  I’m quite distracted today by a particular dress I’m trying to get my hands on.  This morning I went on a wild goose hunt to make a similar skirt just in case I can’t get the awesome dress in time for Easter.  Oh, the joys of living in the boonies!

So now I’m writing a post to distract myself from my dress distraction.

Here are some of my favorite things I have on my “want to make” Pinterest board right now.  I love Pinterest, BTW.  And I want to make all of these things….

Just crazy cool.  My friend has already constructed crazy knitting needles to make something like this.  (Found here).

Fabric Worm quilt – here.

I want to make some of these for my boys room – and we already have some crates! (image via door sixteen)

Skirt tutorial found here.

And thanks to this lovely, I need to brush up my embroidery skills.  What would not look better with some embroidered flowers on it?!  I guess maybe a men’s shirt… or pants (!!!).  But that’s about it.  Found here.


I gotta run to pick up a child from Pre-school!  Thanks for helping me get my head out of the cute-dress-cloud!



16 Mar

I have been procrastinating on posting.  I have tons to post about, but I’m just not focused enough to actually sit down, write, upload photos and hit publish.  Either way, I’m just going to start somewhere.  How about that CRAAZY resolution list I made?  Let’s start there.

Books to read (or re-read!) this year – I’ve crossed off The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and have begun Prince Caspian.  Still slowly working through King Arthur.

As for my 25 before 27 list?

I can cross off the following:

6 – Organize my linens and laundry room

(Pardon the pictures, most were taken from my phone!)

I hung the curtains, painted the laundry side’s shelves, and organized all the shelves.  I plan on hanging a curtain (possibly drop cloth material?!) to cover the linens and laundry.  I’m also thinking about hanging some bamboo roll-up shades to cover the shelves above the washer and dryer kinda like this.

I use that dresser to store all my boys play clothes in.  It makes laundry put-away super simple!  When they get dressed in the morning, their jammies go straight into the laundry bin and they dress themselves right there in the laundry room.  At night we have them take their clothes off in the laundry room, and then they run upstairs to put on their jammies.  My husband came up with this system idea and it’s been working really well for us!  It keeps the laundry a lot more manageable than having multiple baskets around the house.  We only have one so I always have a pretty clear picture of how I’m keeping up with it.

7 – Actually decorate my office nook shelves and paint them

This was a project I took on when my husband went out-of-town for a week.  I thought it would take a day or two.  I was soooo wrong.  It’s took me a full week, and I was working hard!  I guess that means I should show you a before shot.  It’s horrid.  Shield your eyes.

Before –

AHH!!  That was really, really bad!  Good thing there’s an after shot!


And this little guy I found at a thrift shop is just too cute!

Here’s the other side of the nook, again – get your sunglasses on!  Before shot – up ahead!!

Before –

And after –


10 – Get glasses

I pick them up on Friday!

17 – Get or make some dang throw pillows for the couch

Paired a new green one with some vintage Crate and Barrel blue ones:

Then on my pair of white chairs I got some green ones with cream flowers:

22 – Organize my computer photos and files

My hubby tackled this one!  Thanks, Babe!!

23 – Go on more dressy dates with the hubs of my youth

I actually wore a dress on our Valentine’s day date!  Big step for this lady!

And I should mention we are ridiculously close to #14 – Install wood floors.

They are stacked behind my couch just waiting.  We have a plan of attack to prep our very lumpy, bumpy, and sloped floors, and installing them should be a breeze after that step!  So close, I can smell it.

See?  They’re here!!!

And I don’t want to talk about goal #1– Obviously, lose 20 lbs.

Let’s just say that my body apparently likes to GAIN weight when it’s starved of food.  I’m persevering though.  It just might take longer than I hoped, I have until September 21st though!!

So there’s a quick update.  Besides goal #1, I’m pretty happy about my progress thus far.

Hope you all are enjoying your spring!  Cheers!


Etsy Faves

4 Feb

Everyone knows that etsy is home to some of the coolest and most creative items to be purchased.  But have you ever dug a little deeper and looked at all the fug etsy has as well?  Crafters with a screw loose?   Ya, I do that when I’m bored and need a laugh.  I highly recommend it.  Anywho, here are some of my favorite things I’ve found on there.

I stumbled upon this artist, Sharon Schock, at some point and really liked everything she did.  Some of her stuff is really reasonably priced for original work too!  Isn’t this one gorgeous?

If you’re a dog person, these dog puzzles are so awesome!  I think it would be cool for kids and grown ups to fiddle with, and it would look sweet on a shelf to boot (although, I would paint it white!)  Found here.

And I’ve loved Sarah Jane’s stuff for a while now – here is her etsy shop, and here is her blog.  I’m totally smitten with her cheerfully nostalgic style to her work.  I love it all!

I’m digging these leather journals and such from in blue.  This one would make a good valentine’s day gift.

Isn’t this necklace/scarf so cool?  I think it’s a fab idea and I like the choice of colors.  What do you think about it?  Found here.

I’m pretty sure every hipster needs this mug.  And I mean that as a compliment.  I think it’s awesome and funny, two things I always look for in my coffee tea mugs.

Link up your etsy faves in the comments!

I’m alive and busy

8 Nov

Bullets are a must on this post.

  • Too much going on
  • No time to eloquently word anything
  • Here we go!
  • Three (adorable) Ninjas

  • Ina Garten’s basic chicken stock recipe
  • Because soup season is upon us!

  • My littlest has graduated car seats… holy smokes!

  • More drywall patching!

  • Advent Calendar making

  • Closet cleaning… before shot:

  • ya, it’s a weird closet
  • and yes, that’s a ninja sword shooting across the picture
  • Closet after cleaning it all day long:

  • I put a microwave cart in there to help organize
  • worked like a charm


  • How do you like that over the door gift-wrap station?
  • I love it, but Martha might think it’s a bit ghetto.
  • Finally some coats hooks!

  • Now we just need a bench to sit on to take off our muddy boots!
  • hmmm… now scheming to get the hubby to make one…
  • I found these old photos of my dad and his parents (Mamoo & Dadoo) in my closet purge

  • I heart old family photos

  • Seriously, how cute is my dad?!
  • The back says, “Happy Mother’s Day!”
  • I would die if my husband staged this as a mother’s day gift!  So funny!
  • And I re-arranged my living room the moment I posted those pictures of it.

  • So, this table got moved to this corner to store and hide my internet cable and router.  Can you spy them?
  • That might sum it up.
  • OH!  The bathroom!
  • We found a secret room
  • And it is a nasty mess
  • We didn’t plan on a remodel until next summer,
  • Now we’re in a wee little predicament
  • Floor painting might be in my future (which I am pumped about)
  • Will post a separate post on that later!
  • Bullets are about to kill me
  • Hope you have a fabulous week!

Quick Fix! Throw out that witch hat!

27 Oct

It may be the witch hat season, but you won’t find me decorating my porch for Halloween.  I’ll take the pumpkins, but I’ve got more cob-webs than I would like already, and this witch hat light fixture collected more bugs than I’d care to admit.

I’m still cursing my husband for cleaning it out before I got a picture!  I was proud that I had not cleaned it in a year.  That’s right – I had not cleaned it out since we moved here.  I didn’t plan on it either!  The hubs was (understandably) grossed out and took care of business himself, obviously thinking I would be grateful, little did he know he just cleaned out my trophy! Totally kidding!


And here is the after shot:

The $2 thrift store, light fixture makes much more than a $2 difference in curb appeal.  I know how to rock the good deals, people!  Don’t even mess with me!

(Ignore paint sample next to door, and try your darndest to pretend the lovely, asbestos shingles don’t need paint in a serious way! We’ll get to that eventually!)

Anyone else need a quick light fixture fix?  It’s surprisingly easy to do yourself, and craigslist is always loaded with deals on fixtures.  Just always remember my best friend, spray paint, when looking at “ugly” fixtures!