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Yarn-Wrapped Easter Tree…

18 Apr

Well if I hadn’t waited until 9 pm to photograph my final pictures they might have looked better.  But alas, I said I would post today and I meant it.  :)

Here is how to make a yarn-wrapped, tree branch, glitter rock, Easter tree to add a little cheer to your home as you celebrate our risen Lord.  Nothing quite says, “Jesus is risen!” like a branch smothered in hot glue and then wrapped with yarn.  So get on it!

Hot glue your wrapped branches into place… figure out how you want them before you glue and insert.  :)

Boom.  Almost done.  See those rocks on the left?  I spray painted them with glitter spray.  You can jazz them up however you want, or use those pretty pebbles you can buy at the craft store.  Whatever works to cover the green floral foam.

(ya, bad pictures… real bad.  Sorry!)  Glittered rocks – check.  Easter ornaments – check.

If this style  isn’t what your after, check out my Easter tree of yore.  That one was just as fun and easy, but I don’t really have the perfect spot for it anymore. This new one fits great as our table centerpiece.

How are you all celebrating Easter?  Anyone else getting their craft on?



22 Mar

My post titles are great.  I’m quite distracted today by a particular dress I’m trying to get my hands on.  This morning I went on a wild goose hunt to make a similar skirt just in case I can’t get the awesome dress in time for Easter.  Oh, the joys of living in the boonies!

So now I’m writing a post to distract myself from my dress distraction.

Here are some of my favorite things I have on my “want to make” Pinterest board right now.  I love Pinterest, BTW.  And I want to make all of these things….

Just crazy cool.  My friend has already constructed crazy knitting needles to make something like this.  (Found here).

Fabric Worm quilt – here.

I want to make some of these for my boys room – and we already have some crates! (image via door sixteen)

Skirt tutorial found here.

And thanks to this lovely, I need to brush up my embroidery skills.  What would not look better with some embroidered flowers on it?!  I guess maybe a men’s shirt… or pants (!!!).  But that’s about it.  Found here.


I gotta run to pick up a child from Pre-school!  Thanks for helping me get my head out of the cute-dress-cloud!


I’m alive and busy

8 Nov

Bullets are a must on this post.

  • Too much going on
  • No time to eloquently word anything
  • Here we go!
  • Three (adorable) Ninjas

  • Ina Garten’s basic chicken stock recipe
  • Because soup season is upon us!

  • My littlest has graduated car seats… holy smokes!

  • More drywall patching!

  • Advent Calendar making

  • Closet cleaning… before shot:

  • ya, it’s a weird closet
  • and yes, that’s a ninja sword shooting across the picture
  • Closet after cleaning it all day long:

  • I put a microwave cart in there to help organize
  • worked like a charm


  • How do you like that over the door gift-wrap station?
  • I love it, but Martha might think it’s a bit ghetto.
  • Finally some coats hooks!

  • Now we just need a bench to sit on to take off our muddy boots!
  • hmmm… now scheming to get the hubby to make one…
  • I found these old photos of my dad and his parents (Mamoo & Dadoo) in my closet purge

  • I heart old family photos

  • Seriously, how cute is my dad?!
  • The back says, “Happy Mother’s Day!”
  • I would die if my husband staged this as a mother’s day gift!  So funny!
  • And I re-arranged my living room the moment I posted those pictures of it.

  • So, this table got moved to this corner to store and hide my internet cable and router.  Can you spy them?
  • That might sum it up.
  • OH!  The bathroom!
  • We found a secret room
  • And it is a nasty mess
  • We didn’t plan on a remodel until next summer,
  • Now we’re in a wee little predicament
  • Floor painting might be in my future (which I am pumped about)
  • Will post a separate post on that later!
  • Bullets are about to kill me
  • Hope you have a fabulous week!

Capiz Shell Chandelier Love

5 Aug

Found this yesterday on Design*Sponge (right here) and knew I had to try it.

Iron layers of wax paper?!  Hello!  Sounds too fun to even care if it turns out!  So, if I like it I might make a small version of this chandelier for over my bed.  Could be hot, right?  Maybe.  We’ll see… I’m not into it looking like a craft project, so it’d have to be pretty polished and profess looking.  Like the gorgeous one over at Young House Love


Another way to DIY, which could turn out less crafty, (which may or may not be what you’d like) would be to actually buy the shells (with pre-drilled holes) and assemble it with fish line and wire, like jewelry.

However, then you run the risk of it costing as much as you could score this $20 one from World Market.

I’ll let you know what I discover once I try my hand at ironing wax paper and exploring the price of Capiz shells!

What say ye?  Anyone else inspired to iron some wax paper?  What other fun things can be done with wax paper?  Shoot, it could be an awesome doll house addition.  Anyone out there  jonesing for a shell chandelier like me?


New Header

10 May

I’m playing around with a new header image, but for now, a special thanks to Kathryn for these beautiful flowers!  :)

Mother’s Day Loot

10 May

As if these spiffy boys weren’t enough, I got this for Mother’s Day too…

If you haven’t flipped through this book yet I highly recommend it!  Here’s Martha’s craft blog and they have tons of picts from the book.

Happy Mother’s Day!

well, hello there!

21 May

Okay, so it’s been a while, and apparently there are people who still look at my blog.  Way-to-go!  I don’t have any cool things to show you, but I thought I would say that I hope to get back in the swing of things soon.  

For those of you who didn’t already know, I had a baby, about 7 weeks ago born with the birth defect, anencephaly.  He lived for 16 wonderful days and we were so blessed to have so much time with him.  We have started a blog for him, but will be slowly adding more content to it (emphasis on the word “slowly”).  So check out my little peanut!  


Levi Jachin Hicks

Born March 31st 2009, 5:30 pm

7 lbs. 8 oz.  18.5 inches


And I’ll leave you with these craft projects that are on my to-do list:


Superhero Cape


Toddler Bean Bag Chair

Rocket Man