Yarn-Wrapped Easter Tree…

18 Apr

Well if I hadn’t waited until 9 pm to photograph my final pictures they might have looked better.  But alas, I said I would post today and I meant it.  :)

Here is how to make a yarn-wrapped, tree branch, glitter rock, Easter tree to add a little cheer to your home as you celebrate our risen Lord.  Nothing quite says, “Jesus is risen!” like a branch smothered in hot glue and then wrapped with yarn.  So get on it!

Hot glue your wrapped branches into place… figure out how you want them before you glue and insert.  :)

Boom.  Almost done.  See those rocks on the left?  I spray painted them with glitter spray.  You can jazz them up however you want, or use those pretty pebbles you can buy at the craft store.  Whatever works to cover the green floral foam.

(ya, bad pictures… real bad.  Sorry!)  Glittered rocks – check.  Easter ornaments – check.

If this style  isn’t what your after, check out my Easter tree of yore.  That one was just as fun and easy, but I don’t really have the perfect spot for it anymore. This new one fits great as our table centerpiece.

How are you all celebrating Easter?  Anyone else getting their craft on?

One Response to “Yarn-Wrapped Easter Tree…”

  1. Ruth Pfeiffer August 3, 2011 at 10:23 am #

    This is a cute activity to do with my grandchildren. It would be good to do for Christmas also. Thanks for the idea.

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