It’s here!!

25 Nov

Advent that is!  THIS Sunday marks the first Sunday of Advent!  Crazy, huh?

(Photo found here.  You’ll find more calendars on that link too!)

I picked up some little candle holders from a thrift shop and we’ll light a candle each sunday and then all the candles on Christmas day.  We also have our little Advent stocking garland that we stuff with all sorts of goodies!  Here’s my calendar, and below is one I just made for a friend this year.

We’re changing things a bit this year, for the first twelve days we’ll have chocolates and a card in each stocking with an activity to do each day.  Things like:

  • go cut a tree
  • deck the tree
  • make popcorn and gumdrop garlands
  • make a wreath
  • even just fun kid stuff like popcorn and movie night
  • hot cocoa drive
  • sledding
  • or bust out the tents and tunnels inside the house.

For the actual twelve days of Christmas I think we’ll have small gifts for them to open.  Really small… like maybe even parts to a whole that will be given Christmas day (maybe a train set? Playmobil? )

(This calendar sold, sorry folks!  Found here.)

I don’t have that totally figured out yet, can you tell?  Really, I just want to communicate the excitement, and try to get my kids to understand how the Hebrew people must have felt waiting and waiting for the Messiah to be born.  When the wise men saw the star rising, can you imagine the excitement?!  I don’t think I really can!  BUT!  I think/hope doing these seemingly silly things will help replicate what Christmas was and is, and why we do all this crazy stuff!  I’m not a writer, so fear not, I’ll shut my yapper and just say that I hope you’ll consider ramping up your Advent celebrations.  Seriously,  this is what Christian living is all about, pulling out all the stops to remember our Lord.

Ok, I’m not off my horse just yet. Here is a really good quote titled, “The Slippery Slope of Forgetting God”

“Begin with not honoring God’s day, and you will soon not honor God’s house; cease to honor God’s house, and you will soon cease to honor God’s book; cease to honor God’s book, and by-and-by you will give God no honor at all. Let a man lay the foundation of having no sabbath, and I am never surprised if he finishes with the top-stone of no God.”

~ J.C. Ryle

(this one’s found here.)

And, I would like to link this list of verses all about forgetting God.  It’s a real problem, people!  So here.

Now go forth and woop it up in the name of the Lord. Let the tinsel, chocolate and the un-ending stick of a candy cane in a toddlers hands overfloweth!

(my photo, my child, my sticky mess, my Sephers with Christmas 2008 battle wound below his eye.  I better go kiss him!)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!


2 Responses to “It’s here!!”

  1. Bobbinoggin November 25, 2010 at 10:58 am #

    Happy Thanksgiving to you today.

  2. jennifer November 28, 2010 at 2:25 pm #

    it’s all hung up and ready to be filled!!! we love it and I’ve put verses to go along with each day….i’ll explain later but I love it and am so excited! My friend wants one so I might have an order for you next year!!! :)

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