Quick Fix! Throw out that witch hat!

27 Oct

It may be the witch hat season, but you won’t find me decorating my porch for Halloween.  I’ll take the pumpkins, but I’ve got more cob-webs than I would like already, and this witch hat light fixture collected more bugs than I’d care to admit.

I’m still cursing my husband for cleaning it out before I got a picture!  I was proud that I had not cleaned it in a year.  That’s right – I had not cleaned it out since we moved here.  I didn’t plan on it either!  The hubs was (understandably) grossed out and took care of business himself, obviously thinking I would be grateful, little did he know he just cleaned out my trophy! Totally kidding!


And here is the after shot:

The $2 thrift store, light fixture makes much more than a $2 difference in curb appeal.  I know how to rock the good deals, people!  Don’t even mess with me!

(Ignore paint sample next to door, and try your darndest to pretend the lovely, asbestos shingles don’t need paint in a serious way! We’ll get to that eventually!)

Anyone else need a quick light fixture fix?  It’s surprisingly easy to do yourself, and craigslist is always loaded with deals on fixtures.  Just always remember my best friend, spray paint, when looking at “ugly” fixtures!


2 Responses to “Quick Fix! Throw out that witch hat!”

  1. elissa dodson October 27, 2010 at 1:30 pm #

    I love the house posts. You guys are fixing it up really nice! This: “I see where it’s going, I have a shopping list of what it needs and a work list of what needs to be done” is exactly where I am too. I have my entire house planned out in my mind so I can love it as it is – in process. And enjoy every little thing as it comes together, slowly. :)

  2. Mombo November 1, 2010 at 4:59 pm #

    It’s Really looking great ! Wish We were there!

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