One Year Ago

23 Sep

One year ago we bought our little 110 year old beauty.

We’ve been doing a lot of work on it, and most of it ourselves (with help from family and friends!) So I thought it would be fun to take you on a tour of our house one year ago.  I’ll be posting the progress we’ve made on it through next week and you’ll know more about me and my house than you have ever cared to by the time we’re done!  :)  Aren’t you excited?!

Without further ado…

The living room!  It was painted white, not pink, by the time we moved in, and this is really only half of it – the other half is on the other side of the door and looked the same as this side, just in reverse.  Got it?  Good.  Because this is my only picture.

The den/nook in all it’s ugly brown trim glory:

You can see the wood floors of the living room through the doorway… walls no longer pink!

yellow paneling + chocolate brown trim + yellowish wood stairs = fugly


Here’s the dining area (and laundry nook), although I scrounged for a picture that showed the wall we removed, so pardon the horrible pictures of our move-in day…

my cute child giving me a photo-tour…  You can see how all three living spaces connect with small doorways…

… They all have different flooring, different trim colors, and different paint colors!  It was clean though!!


Seriously dated… but clean!!

The two bedrooms are upstairs and they had been updated!  Hooray!  And painted the exact grey I previously had in my bedrooms, so it was perfect!  The hallway on the other hand still had the brown trim…

Looking from hall into boys room:

Master Bedroom, brace yourself, you are about to covet my closet…

Extra closets we use for the boys and coats and such:

Left side of my walk-in:

cedar-lined his and her closets and massive shoe rack with it’s OWN light fixture.  Not common features for a 110 year old farmhouse!

Let’s look at the other side of the closet shall we?

I’ll take it!!

So, this house was easy to move into, but definitely had some updating to be done.  We haven’t touched the bedrooms, and I still love them just as they are.

Have I showed you the awesome old five-pane doors?

Love those!

To the outside:

This is the old backyard fence, taken from the side porch (door off of den):

backyard and garage, lovely grass…

back patio area between the house and detached garage:

I wish I could say the back looks better… but, it doesn’t.  It is bigger though!  We moved the fence to enclose the side-porch.

We honestly haven’t made too much effort back there, after all, it’s dominated by a crazy vizsla puppy and three toddler BOYS.  So, lots of holes are dug, and all sorts of garbage is brought out there to house “pets” and worms and bugs.  It’s definitely their terf!

That’s all I have for you.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!  I’ll be posting our progress to-date next week!


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