Desk Inspiration

7 Sep

I’ve mentioned before that I plan on having the hubs build me a mini-parsons desk for the nook in which the swivel rocker presently resides.  It’s all true, and now that we have cable internet installed and the modem box is in that nook (all messy behind the chair!)  I’m ready to get moving on the project!  Here are some of my inspiration photos for the quaint desk nook I’m looking for.

Simple and cheery.  Lamp is perfect!  Image found here.

Young House Love has an office corner with the full sized Parsons desk.  I also love the lamp.

I have the iMac as well, so my space might resemble this a bit more… (found here).

And lastly, I love this!  Sadly, it won’t resemble my space much because I won’t have the space for the awesome shelving.  The bright pops of color make it happy and eclectic, so maybe I can copy that aspect a bit.  Maybe…

What do you think?  Do you have a smoking hot office space you’d like to share?  Maybe you want a Parson’s desk too?  Of course you do.  They are totally the coolest thing since ice cream.


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