Finally moving on…

31 Aug

Hooray!  I’ve finally finished my two-year old’s classic raglan pullover!  (Pattern found here)

Phew!!  Glad I got that off my chest (and my needles!).

Finishing that sweater up was so exciting because it meant I could cast on for something else.  Up next is the little ruffle scarf I have been itching to get around my neck!  It’s a brisk 51º outside at present, so it’s really no wonder I am ready for my new scarf!

I got this lovely pink yarn as a present about two years ago and am just barely using it!  It is Rowan Cashsoft and it’s sooo deliciously cozy!  Can’t wait to finish!

As for the Shalom Cardigan, it has one sleeve on, but I don’t like the 3/4 length I made it so I’m going to need to undo the end and keep on knitting.  It’s on the back-burner for the moment.

Anyone else ready to bust out some knitting in honor of the upcoming fall weather?!

One Response to “Finally moving on…”

  1. grace August 31, 2010 at 9:19 pm #

    Very nice sweater!! I am knitting three different project right now. One that I am stuck on, and some easy peasy little scarves and hats for the small people who live with me.

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