Tackling the Garage!

25 Aug

We’ve had a secret over here.  We’ve been hoarding.  just kidding… but not really.  However, I just watched a crazy show about hoarders while we were traveling (thanks to mucho hotel cable tv time) and realized our garage strongly resembled these people homes.  I came home determined to tackle it.


Glad my husband was up for the challenge!  First we took inventory of everything we were planning on keeping in our garage, and everything we were planning on tossing.  We actually didn’t have many bins and boxes that needed sorting, (keep, trash, give away, or yard sale) but that would be a good next step for some people.  Once it’s all sorted, the stuff you are keeping can be better accounted for and worked into a floor plan of sorts that will guide you on tackle-day.

Another before shot:

After I took inventory, I wrote up a plan.  I’m not fancy on the computer, so it literally looked like a kindergartener’s doodle on some construction paper.  We only need room on one side of our garage to park a car, so I bear things like that in mind along with what items we need access to most often, and what needs to be close to the door to roll out (motorcycle, strollers, lawn mower, wheelbarrow, wagon)   After I figured out our plan of attack, it would have been time to purchase any items needed so we could be uber-prepared for the day of tackle.  Too bad I don’t fly that way anymore (something to do with multiple toddlers!) so I ran out and bought them while my husband fed the boys lunch the day of!

After we couldn’t find a good garage shelf option in our small town, we decided to build a shelf.  It would be sturdier, cheaper, and bigger than the store-bought plastic option we were faced with.  My husband did almost all of that, so I only have a couple of pictures to inspire you if you were wanting to build your own.

It was pretty straightforward though, three shelves, held up by 5 (or 6 if you wanted it super stable!) 2 x 4s.  We measured our largest bins to be stored on it and based our shelf size on that and the space it was to fit into (see below).

I believe we made ours 8 ft. long by 2 ft. deep.  and 6 ft. high.  Just be sure to measure, remeasure, and measure one last time before you cut or drill something.

Enough of this garbage, here are some pictures of the intense 12 hour day of garage organizing.

First we pulled everything out onto the lawn and the driveway, and grouped like items together as we took them out.

It looked like a yard sale.  In fact, we were asked if it was!  No such luck, I see you eyeing our Honda Trail 90!

Then we swept, and vacuumed out the walls, the garage doors, and the floors.  It was just to get the cobwebs out of our really old garage.  I also am terrified of spiders and this helped me know that an old cobweb wasn’t about to attack me.  While I did the cleaning, the hub did the building, and the boys jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath it… highly recommended!  Then we put everything back in the garage together.  We hung our bikes, ladders, sled, kids bike trailer, as well as all our yard tools. *Pardon the bad pictures, lighting in the garage is non-existent.  Seriously!  It has old knob and tube wiring, so our electrician buddy cut the power to be safe and has started updating it.  But for now it’s extension cords to shop lights and that means raunchy pictures!*

It got late, and the kids got crazy…

Time to call it a win, we celebrated with pulled pork sammies that had been cooking all day long while we worked.  We didn’t eat until about 9:30 pm though.  It was a well deserved sammie.

After shots!

Below is where my car will reside in bad weather, and I only have the two chairs on the left to sell and the two tupperware containers to sort through still.  Easy-peasey!  (We keep our trash cans in the garage at present, but we’re planning yet another project for those puppies!)

The finished shelf…

Those funny trees and the box it is on top of will be gone in a couple of weeks, so they are temporarily stored in front of the shelf.

And finally, the parking spots for our wheels!

We have a lot of stuff to store!  Behind that door (which was purchased for a future project) is my husband’s stage he uses for concerts and it’s heavy to load, so we needed it close to the door as well.

There you have it, we are hoarders no more!  Next stop – the shop and the room in our garage that will soon be an office space!  The work never ends, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  :)

What about you guys?  Have you been hoarding as well?  Maybe just a closet  that needs a serious overhaul?  Anyone have some hot organizing tips?  Please share!


2 Responses to “Tackling the Garage!”

  1. grace August 25, 2010 at 10:23 am #

    Nice work Bethany!

  2. Kristen September 1, 2010 at 8:43 pm #

    HOLY MOLY!! Good job!!!

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