Cup-O-Joe to perk you up!

9 Aug

I love this trend of the fake animal mountings… I don’t totally know why because I loathe real ones.

But this moose just makes me smile!  Found at Z Gallerie here.

What do you think about these wicker bull heads?  I love the texture it could add to a room!

Or what about an animal head on your front door?!  I’m on the hunt for the perfect door knocker.

Love this deer found here.

I am a Texan and New Mexican, so of course this Longhorn knocker from The Brass Gallery calls to me.

While you’re out installing your fancy knocker, go ahead and upgrade your house number as well!  Have you explored Wonderful Graffiti?  You must, because it’s awesome.

I love this idea for house numbers!

Hope you’re having a fabulous Monday!


*If you’re interested in seeing my previous Cup-O-Joe Posts you can find them herehere and here. It’s a post about the things that fill a void and make me feel all warm and snuggly inside… like a latté on a cool fall day.  Hope you enjoy!*

One Response to “Cup-O-Joe to perk you up!”

  1. Lauren McMurray August 13, 2010 at 9:51 pm #

    Don’t even get me started about decorating with real animal mounts!

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