Capiz Shell Chandelier Love

5 Aug

Found this yesterday on Design*Sponge (right here) and knew I had to try it.

Iron layers of wax paper?!  Hello!  Sounds too fun to even care if it turns out!  So, if I like it I might make a small version of this chandelier for over my bed.  Could be hot, right?  Maybe.  We’ll see… I’m not into it looking like a craft project, so it’d have to be pretty polished and profess looking.  Like the gorgeous one over at Young House Love


Another way to DIY, which could turn out less crafty, (which may or may not be what you’d like) would be to actually buy the shells (with pre-drilled holes) and assemble it with fish line and wire, like jewelry.

However, then you run the risk of it costing as much as you could score this $20 one from World Market.

I’ll let you know what I discover once I try my hand at ironing wax paper and exploring the price of Capiz shells!

What say ye?  Anyone else inspired to iron some wax paper?  What other fun things can be done with wax paper?  Shoot, it could be an awesome doll house addition.  Anyone out there  jonesing for a shell chandelier like me?


One Response to “Capiz Shell Chandelier Love”

  1. chrissie August 5, 2010 at 12:18 pm #

    so cool! sounds like something i would love to try…

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