End of Summer Garden

3 Aug

As the long days of summer come to their inevitable end, I took a couple of picts of the beauties that remain.

I’m really optimistic this zucchini plant will pull through… hopefully we’ll have a harvest here soon!!

I planted a pumpkin because I figured I could pick it before it got too big and squashed neighboring plants… truthfully, it was the boy’s idea.  I just rolled with it.

My basil finally sprouted!!  Check her out in all her tiny glory!

The thyme and sage are huge…

Thanks to all who commented on my Garden Progress posts (found herehere and here) and gave their valuable input!  Any and all advice is welcome over here, especially if you’re local and have a green thumb!  I’m not a gardener, and with the exception of a weird spinach vine I made climb to the roof of my house when I was 15, I have never been able to make things grow.  I’m giving it a go now, considering it is the home decor of the exterior!

Please feel free to link any helpful garden info or add any of your own gardening/landscaping advice!  What makes your garden grow?  Do you compost?  What’s your favorite plant to grow?


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