Cup-O-Joe for your Monday morning!

2 Aug

It’s Monday again!  It’s time for my third cup-o-joe post, the previous two can be found here and here.  You might ask, why is this a cup of joe?  To which I would answer, because these are the things that make me smile and feel warm and cozy inside.  They give me that kick in my step (much like coffee does!) to make my surroundings more beautiful and more inspiring one paint job (or yard sale score) at a time.

I have thought a lot about this little bentwood table and chairs set from Wal-Mart.

So cute for Wal-Mart, right?  I decided I would like it for a patio table, partly because it’s too small for my family, and partly because it’s a wee bit too modern to be my official dining table.  However, I have no real “patio” to speak of at the moment… it’s smothered in toys.  Maybe another year!

While we are on the table topic, I might as well mention that I am having my hubby build me this west elm Parsons Mini Desk.

I have cooked up a very official sounding reason to need it in white, and since I’m not one to spend $199 on such a purchase, I convinced the big man to make it for me!  It’s going to go in the little nook under my stairs where I have the swivel rocker I showed you over in this post, and I’m sure when all that happens I’ll be blogging away the details.

*Note to wives – it helps the “build me cool furniture” cause if you buy your hubby all the cool tools for Father’s Day like I did… he’s been itching for reasons to use them!  Worked like a charm!*

Continuing with the table theme, The Eden pendant lamp from CB2 is what I would like to put over my dining table (it’s the one pictured on the right, a round drum shade).  It’s stylish and affordable!  I’ll take it!

How about something to put on these beautiful tables?

You might know I like Jonathan Adler.  It shouldn’t be a surprise then that I lust after this, it’s gorgeous and PLASTIC!  (For those of you with three toddler boys you might think that is a fabulous feature too!)

I’ll be hitting up IKEA very soon and have been thinking this Stockholm bowl would be perfect atop my coffee table.

But can I be honest for a moment… (and then I’ll go back to lying!) …I’m not so allured by the $30 price tag!  Am I too much of a cheap-O to think that IKEA + 30 bucks = pricey? What’s happening to me?!

Either way, it’s cute, probably not very easily breakable, and it would look great as a fruit bowl too.  I’ll let you know if it makes the cut and comes home with me!

Have a happy Monday!

3 Responses to “Cup-O-Joe for your Monday morning!”

  1. Kristen August 3, 2010 at 5:56 pm #

    Hey Bethbo– I made a trip myself to IKEA yesterday, saw the bowl and turned up my cheap nose! It is super cute, but I agree, a little steep. BUT you’ve gotta do it, if you don’t you will be wishing you had every mile you you get further from IKEA! :) I scored on a wok for $4.99 and some ridiculously adorable (a giraffe driving a strawberry) rattles for baby. I love IKEA.

  2. Bethany August 4, 2010 at 9:48 am #

    That’s what I like about you Kristen! Turn that nose right on up! I’m going to plan on getting it, but if I find something else I want to spend that $30 on I’ll let it go. Bowls are everywhere. I bet I can find something just like it at Marshall’s or Ross for less, you know? You do know. :)


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