Garden Progress…

7 Jun

We have a lot of landscaping work to do on this house, and I have never been great at making things grow.

Judging by this before shot of our house, I was going to need to get up to speed on how to garden ASAP!  Even simple landscaping adds so much curb appeal, and so I begin!

I decided to start with one smaller full-sun planter and see what worked for me and then I could use more for the rest of the full-sun planters.

And because I love a good before/after shot, here’s the before…

And here’s Jed in front of it after we planted, there are strawberries in the pot to the left, and please note how small the plants were …

…and here is an up to date photo…

Ta-Da!!  I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to come home to this!  Seriously, I didn’t kill them!  And that cabbage is enormous!   And had to move out some plants because it was so cramped!!  We have yielded a harvest of four strawberries so far and two more ripe waiting for a small child to discover it!

So, success in the first planter led me across the path, to another one of our full-sun planters.  I ripped up the massive amounts of mint (peppermint and chocolate mint, I believe) and now those are contained to one large pot (you can see it in the after picture above next to the strawberries).  Here’s the before picture…

…the mint is really hidden well by the weeds and tulips, but rest assured it had spread from the rose stump you see by the boy all the way to the tip of the gutter.  At least it smelled great while ripping it out!

Here’s the after shot:

I left the sage that was growing there as well as the rose-bush and added some thyme plants, and some basil seed (there will be a row over by the gutter spout) to create a mini herb garden with all my faves.  I also planted a small-ish bush, and added a funny flowering plant, Portulaca, have no idea how that’s gonna turn out, I just liked it.  To finish the area off, I sprinkled some oriental poppy seeds along the back of the planter.  Those should be in bloom this time next year before the roses really take off, and there are tulips on the front of the planter for the early spring before any of these plants are green.  Being such a novice at gardening I really just tried to make sure something would be blooming or green the whole year (although this particular planter does not have an evergreen) and I’m hoping next year I will figure out how to make everything look a bit more arranged and pretty together.  That’s the goal anyway!

And here is a picture of the south-facing sunny planters getting all ripped up and ready to plant…

And here is the shady front of our house where we are working on a raised planter around our huge tree.

The front planters are simple and have ferns (planted from previous owners) and I popped some hostas in there with day lilies, iris and the marigolds for color.  Not perfect, but super low-maintenance and pretty enough.

Just got the pots on the porch from Home Depot and I love how cheery they are, despite sort of clashing with the porch paint color (we plan on painting the exterior soon, so I’m not trying to coordinate there).  There is a lilac in the one under the mailbox and an evergreen shrub, euonymus, in the other.  Both are for the planters that are in process of being dug up.

In our backyard we have a 9 month old puppy who eats any plant that grows and runs like the wind, see cute face below.

Any suggestions for shade loving, non-poisonous plants to put back there that also won’t get trampled very easily?  I’d love any ideas, I have no clue where to begin!

5 Responses to “Garden Progress…”

  1. Kathryn C June 8, 2010 at 12:33 pm #

    Love love love the garden!! Way to go!!

  2. Kristen June 11, 2010 at 4:26 pm #

    Garden looks great! Way to go! I don’t know how you feel about morning glory… I think it’s pretty, some think it’s an ugly weed…however, I can see it being a good ground cover- they do well in cooler temps and the shade…best of luck!

  3. Lauren McMurray June 13, 2010 at 10:01 pm #

    I’m not sure if it’s shade loving . . . but lamb’s ear is super hardy (it’s survived many a trampling from our little feet here).

  4. Bethany June 21, 2010 at 3:16 pm #

    Kristen & Lauren – Thanks for the backyard suggestions! I’ve already looked into them both and they seem like good options, so thanks! We did decide to rip up some of the planters in the back and to plant grass to keep it a bit easier. This house has empty planters all around the perimeter and it’s a lot to fill and maintain! :)
    cheers – B


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