Freshen it Up!

4 Jun

I’m up to my eye balls in home projects right now!

Feeling like my house decor had become sooo disjointed, I removed all furniture and art from my living room and moved back in only the items I actually wanted in there.  During this process I realized two things, I no longer have a coherent color scheme for my house and, all of my furniture is in need of some serious sprucing!

The former led me to make multiple runs to paint stores to figure out this stupid color scheme problem…

Which, resulted in me running out of gas at a busy intersection during the evening rush hour and, my house walls looking like this:

You don’t believe me that color scheme problems led to car petro problems, do you?  But it did! I am the type that is obsessed with color.  I think all day about colors. No joke.  With my head filled with color problems and potential solutions, I clearly had no room to remember to fill up the ‘ol mini-van gas tank.  Thanks to the hubby for rescuing me and making the fam dinner that night to boot (because clearly there wasn’t room in my brain to figure that out either!).

To the point already!  The latter realization led me to these old chairs…

You might remember back when I first got the two of them for the hub’s office, and recovered them green-ish (as displayed above).  Well, when we moved into our house last August I reclaimed the chairs, and have finally gotten around to making one of them fit in our space…

Recovered the seat with a natural, almost muslin-like, cotton-linen blend.  The pillow was quickly whipped up too, so nothing fancy, but the combo makes me feel oh, so happy!

We’ll see what comes of the second chair!  It might find its way back to its way back to the office.  :)

3 Responses to “Freshen it Up!”

  1. Kristen June 11, 2010 at 4:19 pm #

    You are so talented- I love how you said you “whipped” the pillows up- so nothing fancy… you DO NOT want to see what a pillow would look like if I “whipped it up” way to go!

  2. Bethany June 14, 2010 at 8:08 pm #

    Thanks Kristen! Well, I literally sewed that pillow in about five minutes, and so the slip-stitching (from after stuffing the pillow form in it) is seriously sloppy! I don’t care because that white pillow is bound to be stained by the weeks end. I’m actually quite surprised it’s still around!

  3. Kim June 18, 2010 at 5:29 am #

    I get obsessed with color too.I love thinking about visual elements so much sometimes I don’t know what to talk about with people who could care less about them. Thankfully I have never run out of gas thinking about it though!

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