some new art, courtesy of the mom-in-law!

5 Dec


here are a couple picts of the new art my mother-in-law (M.I.L.) found while she visited us for bambino #3’s birth. above is a picture of my couch as seen if one were standing in my front door. my crazy M.I.L. found that massive painting (above the couch) out in dayton, washington. it wasn’t for sale, but then the shop owner offered it to her for a steal… we think she may have thought she was asking a lot… i say, “win, win, win!” i win too because now it’s in my house! yea!


This is the present my M.I.L bought for… well, i don’t know why she bought it. i think it was supposed to be a “thank-you for letting me stay with you” kind of gift, but we asked her to come to help with the babies while i had seth. she spoiled me rotten while she was here with meals, babysitting, and obviously, lots of new art goodness (thanks CA). anywho, the pictures remind us of my two oldest boys, jed and micah. jed is the one with the airplane, looking up in awe of the airplane flying overhead. my little jed is very curious and often in wonder of things like the wind, or the planes flying in the sky. and he has nice rosie, plump cheeks which make this picture all too appropriate. the little guy on the left is my wild child, micah. and the lady is me, kicking him up on my leg, as i often do! the M.I.L. also bought some tea towels that match the colors of these paintings (and the room which they are in) to make into pillows. that’s a future post and i’ll show the room as a whole.

I’ve been knitting some new goodies lately… well, new for me. Next post. Now that things are normalizing with the 3 babes (as normal as it’s gonna get anyways) i’ll be posting more often. cheers!

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    […] has been patiently waiting for me to make this pillow from some tea towels she bought me to go with these pictures in my family room. it took me some time to figure out how to create a pillow as large as i wanted, […]

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